Imagine the beauty...

Imagine the beauty...

Awake and arise refreshed, look forward to every day just beginning.

Apparently unsolvable problems are managed playfully and naturally.

Your household and it needs are under control and at your fingertips, without needless stress.

Thanks to self-confidence you have work which satisfies you, fulfilling your zest for life.

Relationships with those dearest to you, colleagues and others close to you are natural, full of mutual understanding and a positive mood. 

In the evening you fall asleep with the feeling of a day led usefully.

Your mood does not depend on other people or the weather.

My name is Daniela Holičová

I am an authorized licensed partner of the START technique for children and adults.

Specific exercises in the proper positions allow each individual to revive that which is most precious. 
That which governs your vital processes, which you cannot consciously influence – breathing, heart rate, hormones.

Unique rotation exercises manageable for a 6 year old child or 84 year old retiree, put your life back in order. 

Call me or send an email. I am here for you.“

Daniela Holičová

When is it suitable to exercise the START technique?

keď vás ovládol smútok...

When you were overcome with sadness, an inexplicable feeling of fear, tension or stress. 

keď ste cítili...

When you have felt you were merely a spectator in the theatre of life. 

keď vám osud zamiešal všetky karty...

When fate shuffled all of your cards, you know that you want things different but lack the strength for change. 

It happens to everyone.

Therefore the technique Start is for you and your body irreplaceable. It provides a new spark. One that shines into all of the forgotten, neglected and dark corners. It guides the brain with ease to where cleaning must be done. 

The brain get into order and becomes your best friend once again. Then you merely set the tasks and it carries them out, poetry in motion.

The Start technique helps you to Revive


Clear up all your senses

Concentrate on the challenges

Develop your unique talent

Gain healthy self-confidence and self worth

Be charged with energy before every performance


Changes are the basis of progress

Changes are the basis of progress

Change your life before circumstances force you to.
Do not hesitate to contact me, I am here for you.

Price list

Professional consultation – 50€
Basic process Restart – 600€

First part

One day, approximately 5 hours spent together.
Theoretical preparation.
Physical exercise with the methods and technique of START.
Process of adaptation restart CNS.

Second part

Mentoring for 3 hours, which in the following days you utilize according to requirements – in person or by phone.
The advanced process Restart is individual. According to the condition and requirements of each interested party, it is always tailor-made.

We are here for you:

Hlavná 9, 931 01 Šamorín

Monday - Friday: 10am - 3pm
Saturday - Wednesday: Acute cases

Operating techniques, training and courses is flexible. Provider of Bank details: IBAN: SK94 1100 0000 0026 1522 8422 SWIFT: SUBASKBX, TATRA BANKA, Bratislava, Slovakia